After proven success, Iban Wallet arrives to Germany

Press Release. Berlin, Aug 15, 2019.  

Iban Wallet does it more simply, securely and profitably. Starting with just 1 euro, you can get a free account that aims to get you a 2.5% annual interest and if you have a little bit more, other products can give you up to 6% interest.

Iban Wallet started with the objective of providing easy access to investments on a global scale. “Looking at traditional banking we realized that people were getting very low returns on their funds – traditional banking structures are too heavy and cost-inefficient to give higher returns to the user,”  states CEO Daniel Suero. This was the challenge that fueled the idea, a company that could give higher returns and a hassle-free, simple experience which doesn’t need any active management on the user’s end but still looks to provide the user with a fixed interest rate and daily interest payments. “We wanted to help people get a solid platform to achieve their economic goals in the future,” adds Daniel.

And they made it happen. The tech-savvy specialists created Iban Wallet and launched it into the market. The user-friendly online platform allows customers to create an investment account with annual returns up to 6% fixed AER.  All portfolio loans have a Buyback guarantee in case of delayed payment and this is the cornerstone of Iban’s capacity to offer projected fixed interest. Additionally, Iban offers a Safeguard Trust which is a provision capital account with reserves which provides investors with extra protection

After a successful launch and expansion in major cities, Iban Wallet is growing into the next level by introducing themselves in the German Market. “We are confident with the quality of our product and are excited to enter the big leagues with the great neobanks that are already shaping up the banking experience of tomorrow” explains Suero.

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