Car loan originator from Kazakhstan – Swiss Capital, launches on Mintos

Swiss Capital KZ launches on Mintos and offers to invest in car loans issued in Kazakhstan. Investors can expect to earn net annual returns of up to 11.5% for loans in EUR. 

Founded in 2017, Swiss Capital KZ has grown its financial activities with a net loan portfolio size of € 7.7 million. As of January 2019, the company reports that around 8% of outstanding portfolio loans have gone over 60 days past due. Swiss Capital KZ revenue for the year ended 2019 amounted to € 3 million. The company has more than 100 employees and up to date the lending company has issued more than 7,500 loans to more than 2,000 customers, with the average loan amount of € 5000. Loans are issued for 12 months.

Swiss Capital KZ motivation to join Mintos is to raise funds that are designated to fuel their growth plans and realization of market potential.

Swiss Capital KZ shareholders have vast experience in International Finance and Asset Based Lending with lending businesses focusing on real estate and car loans in Romania, USA and Georgia. The total net portfolio of these businesses is € 81 million.

Swiss Capital Georgia MFO, an affiliate of Swiss Capital KZ, in 2018 was assessed and assigned Fitch Ratings of B-,“outlook stable”.

Swiss Capital on Mintos

On Mintos, Swiss Capital has received a Mintos rating of B. Investors can expect to earn net annual returns of up to 11.5% for loans in EUR. The average loan amount is € 5000 and the average term of 12 months.

When it comes to assessing the creditworthiness of clients, Swiss Capital performs an in-depth analysis of the scoring from the local credit bureau, client’s salary, credit history and legal situation.

The company has 10% skin in the game and all loans come with a buyback guarantee.

To obtain exposure to Swiss Capital KZ loans, investors will be able to invest in loans issued by Mintos Finance to Swiss Capital KZ, where repayments depend on the borrower’s payments. Each loan issued by Mintos Finance to Swiss Capital KZ will be pegged to a respective loan issued by Swiss Capital KZ to the final borrower. Mintos Finance is a Mintos group company. A detailed description of the new structure is available in the Mintos Finance loan agreement and assignment agreement.

Click here to see loans from Swiss Capital KZ on the Primary Market. If you are using Auto Invest, don’t forget to adjust your portfolio settings.

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