Crowdestate performance report: November 2020

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Here is an overview of November 2020 – new, completed and overdue projects, payments made to investors and secondary market transactions.

Successfully funded projects

In the last month, 12 new investment opportunities were launched on Crowdestate’s crowdfunding platform. 7 out of them were Estonian projects, 3 Italian projects, and 2 projects were from Romania. With the help of Crowdestate investors, 13 loans were financed in the amount of EUR 1 992 900. 

The total number of launched projects increased to 291, in the amount of EUR 97 879 851.

New investment opportunities on the platform

Koru põik 5, Saue vald, Alliku küla
Koru põik 7, Saue vald, Alliku küla
Kesalille tn 7, 9 ja 11, Veskimöldre (III)
Helme Hooldekodu (II)
Drumul Ciorogarla 199-201-203 (II), Buch
Oksa 6a (III), 11316 Tallinn
Pascarella 26, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Samurcasi 33, Gulia, Tartasesti, Roman
Veskimöldre 2 (IX)
Oja tee 4, Loo alevik, Jõelähtme vald (I)
Manzoni 39, Monza, Italy (I)

The average investment amount in November was EUR 441.64.  Compared to October the average investment amount has increased by EUR 40.21.

Exited investment opportunities

A total of 5 successful exits were made during the month of November and the total number of investment opportunities that ended successfully increased to 161.

The total amount of EUR 999 281,75  was paid out to investors. Including principal repayments totalling EUR 924 975,66 and interest payments totalling EUR 74 309,09.

Successfully exited investment opportunities:

Nervesa 6, Milano, Italy
Via Mosso 49, Milano, Italy
Veskimöldre 2 (VII)
Oksa 6a (II), 11316 Tallinn
Paevälja tee 6, 8, 10, Lubja küla

November 2020 - exited and published projects.

Marketplace statistics

33.98% of Crowdestate investors are active in the secondary market. In November 1075 investment offers were published for sale, in the amount of EUR 1 310 461.05, and 361 investment opportunities were bought in the amount of EUR 416 503.12.

The most-traded project was R.Feldmana 2, Riga, that was published for sale 122 times and bought 5 times.

October payouts and overdue projects

Repayments to investors were made from 26 different investment opportunities totalling EUR 1 952 662.13, of which EUR 1 747 753.43 were principal repayments, EUR 203 384. 28 interest payments, and late fees in the amount of EUR 1 524. 42.

November 2020 - payments to investors.

As of December 1st, payments of 40 projects have been late, totalling EUR 9 601 638.62, including EUR 5 800 398.85 principal, EUR 1 085 922.08 interest payments and late fees in the amount of EUR 2 715 317.69.

November 2020 - total amount of late payments per month.
November 2020 - overdue projects.

The total list of overdue projects can be downloaded on our statistics page.

Thank you for investing with us! 🙂

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