Debitum Network platform update: December statistics

Debitum Network platform update

Debitum Network platform update: December statistics:

This blog post will feature Debitum Network platform update for December. The year 2019 passed by and we are looking forward to the new year and decade with excitement. The last month of last year was the greatest of all since the launch of the platform. Records were set in all the main areas that we use to measure Debitum Network platform growth. We hope that you had a great year too and enjoyed your profits investing in the assets on our platform. Let’s look at some stats from December and don’t miss our top asset of the week, which is at the end of the post! 👇

The number of registered users (activated)

558 new users registered and activated their accounts last month. This is the all-time record. The total number of registered users (who have activated their accounts) has risen from 3,513 to 4,071. It is a 15.88% growth in a month and 680% since the launch. We launched a few campaigns (Black Friday, plus a Christmas refer a friend), which were very successful and brought a lot of users to the platform (and earned nice cash for those who participated). 😉 

Money deposited

Our promotional campaigns served as a great incentive for investors to deposit more money and invest it in the assets. The users added 437,786 Euros to their accounts last month. The total amount of deposits grew from 1,522,223 Euros in November to 1,960,009 Euros in December. This is a staggering 28.76% growth in a month. 

Life Invested Interest Rate on Debitum Network is around 8.70%, but the users can make up to 13% as all the assets have an extra penalty rate in case the borrower is late with the repayment by more than 15 days (grace period). 

The minimum deposit amount is 100 Euros (from SEPA accounts or British Pounds (GBP) from local accounts, and US Dollars (USD) from US-based accounts)). The minimum investment amount is just 10 Euros. All transactions in the assets are done in Euros. 

The amount of loans originated

Our partners and loan originators Factris and Mikro Kapital gave our users a lot of assets (business loans) to choose from in December. More than 1.5 million EUR worth of assets were uploaded on Debitum Network last month. This is a staggering growth of 52.3% in a single month. The trend should continue as 2-3 new loan originators are expected to onboard in the first half of 2020. 

Money invested

For the second straight month, we witnessed a record amount invested in the assets on Debitum Network platform. Users invested 1,260,702 Euros in the assets in December. For the second time, we exceeded 1 million Euro mark in terms of investments. The total amount invested grew 17.7% in a month. As the number of users is growing quite rapidly we expect to stay above 1 million EUR each month and target 2 million EUR in the first quarter of 2020. 

Most popular industries

Investors could invest in the assets from 11 industries in December. We expect to increase the number to 20 with the onboarding of new loan originators in 2020. For the time being the leading industries remain the same. 

The Logistics industry assets were the most popular among investors in December. Around 30% of the total invested amount went to the assets of Logistics. Construction took the 2nd place as about 20% of the invested amount went to its’ assets. The 2 industries attracted around 50% of all investments. 

As the number of assets increases every month, repayments become more frequent you should check your balance regularly or even better, create and activate an auto-invest plan so that your outstanding balance would be invested and money would not lay idle in your account, but generate interest. 

Money invested using an auto-invest tool

4 months in a row we saw a record broken in the usage of auto-invest tool on our platform. 317,678 euros were invested using the tool. That is a 28.24% rise in a month. With the increase of investors on the platform, the tool will surely get more popular. Investors get a lot of benefits using the tool. You can create an auto-invest plan in a few minutes with the parameters of your choice and the tool will do the investing job for you. When the assets are repaid, and the balance returned to the investors, those who use the tool stay ahead of the crowd as the auto-invest tool invest before those who invest manually. Do not miss another good opportunity and create an auto-invest plan today. Then, enjoy compiling interest, which the tool will reinvest for you when the principal and interest are repaid.  

Special offer of the week  

The Special offer of the week comes from our newest partner and loan originator Mikro Kapital Romania. The Company is a family business that owns a clothing store. The asset has a good credit score and a great annual interest. Plus, if the borrower is late with the repayment, there is a 10% penalty rate, which can increase your return greatly. Sounds good enough? Take a look at the asset and if you like what you see, be sure to add it to your portfolio. 

Disclaimer: Investments in financial products are subject to market risk and any investment should only be done with risk capital. The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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