Debitum Network platform update: February statistics

Debitum Network platform update: February statistics:

It’s time to wrap up February statistics on the Debitum Network platform. 

Last month Debitum Network had great news for all Debitum Network community because two new loan originators were onboarded. 

One of the new Loan Originators from the UK is Triple Dragon – London based company that specializes in financing developers and publishers mobile games and mobile applications (apps). They are offering investment with a very low-risk profile – all loans are secured by receivables from top-rated companies such as Google and Apple. 

Another Loan Originator onboarded in February is Noviti Finance from Lithuania.  Noviti is a non-bank lender that provides business loans up to 20 thousand euros since 2016. Noviti Finance signed the agreement with European Investment Fund (EIF). The EIF will guarantee a portfolio of up to €10 million in loans issued by Noviti Finance. That means that in case of borrower default the EIF will repay a loan to Noviti. 

Besides that, in February Debitum Network released Loyalty services based on DEB’s which is great news for DEB holders as well as all the platform users who will be available to use the loyalty services. The first release of loyalty services contains two functions that can be bought with DEB’s. The first one is to follow Debitum Network platform top investors. You can choose and follow the top investors’ investment strategy. Another service is the possibility to liquidate an investment that allows users to choose late investment and get back an outstanding principal and interest, which will be added automatically to their account.

The number of registered users

In the second month of this year 218 new users joined the Debitum Network community, which increased the number of 4529. We are happy that half of them have already made active investments. As more people are joining this platform, this is the perfect time for you to be a part of the Debitum Network community and gain from its benefits. You can register within a minute and earn attractive interest from the assets which are uploaded on the platform. 

Money deposited 

We had growth of deposits in the month of February. In February the total deposited amount was 2 235 627 euros, and in February we received 539 018 euros which is much more compared with the last month. In the percentage, we can see that it is 95 % growth which is really amazing. 

Money invested

This month we reached 1 882 326 euro invested which is almost two million and the new all-time record in Debitum Network platform. This contains 52 % growth in the month of February. As more institutional investors join our platform in the coming months, we believe that the money invested will increase in multiple folds before the end of this year.

Loans originated

One more record in February: since we have two new partnerships we originated loans of 3 415 626 euros. We had 119 new assets from the newest loan originator Noviti Finance as well as 8 new assets backed by Apple and Google receivables from Triple Dragon. These assets became popular investment opportunities for our investors. Find more information about new Loan Originators and their assets in our previous blog posts. 

Most popular industries

Investors had the possibility to invest in 14 different industries in the month of February due to new partnerships with Noviti and Triple Dragon. We are hoping to have even more different industries at the end of this year when more partners take place to become a loan originator on the Debitum Network platform. The most popular industry was services which took part of 38,2% of all investments in the previous month. The second and the third most popular industries took a similar part of the overall investments. Logistics – 17,1% and construction – 14,2 %. The last 11 industries received between 2-7 % of all investments in February, which overall is 27,8%. 

We also noticed that our investors in February started to invest more in midterm (6-12 months) and long term (12+ months) assets. We will prepare additional info and tell you more about this trend in the next posts. 

Money invested using auto-invest tool

The total amount invested with the auto-invest tool was 2 314 948 euros, which drastically increased from the last month. With the increase of investors on the platform, the tool is getting more and more popular within our platform users. Do not miss another good opportunity and create an auto-invest plan today and enjoy compiling interest, which the tool will reinvest for you when the principal and interest are repaid. With an auto-invest tool, you can stay lazy while your money works automatically! 

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