Debitum Network platform update: March statistics

Debitum Network platform update: March statistics:

Another month passed by which wasn’t really easy for all the world, since the coronavirus pandemic started and changed usual life. We face a new challenge as we must contain the outbreak of the disease, while still working and ensuring the well-being of people around us. From the 16th of March, all our team is working remotely from home. Our team will be able to connect to the platform remotely via VPN with authentication thus the access will be secured and safe. We are sure that all our daily operations will be held as usual and there weren’t any problems concerning our investors’ journey in the Debitum Network platform. Learn more about what Debitum Network thinks and does about coronavirus by clicking here.

In March Debitum Network onboarded one new loan originator –  Factris Latvia. Factris is a non-banking invoice financing company for SME’s and it is the newest subsidiary of Factris Holding B.V, Factris also operates in Lithuania and Netherlands. Our newest loan originator provides flexible credit lines that enable shaping customer’s factoring solutions according to their financial needs. Factris LV is focused only on  traditional invoice financing. All loans are secured with a buyback guarantee and the majority of the portfolio is insured by a 3rd party reputable insurance partner.

Learn more about Factris LV by clicking here.

The number of registered users

In March 222 new users joined the Debitum Network community, which increased the number to 4751 users. We are glad that a third of them made active investments, and they are already earning money from day 1. You can register within a minute and earn attractive interest from the assets which are uploaded on the platform.

Money deposited

We are still growing not just with new users who join Debitum Network, but also in the number of deposits. In March the total deposited amount was 2 975 763 euros, and in March we received 201 118 euro. We are happy that our investors are still thinking about their financial future even in this tough time and they are not that much affected by the coronavirus panic. If you want to know more about Debitum Network’s attitude about coronavirus and it’s affection, learn more by reading a Q & A session with CEO Sergei Demchuk here.

Money invested

This month we reached 12 432 192 euro invested in all time since Debitum Network was launched. The growth in this month was 934 437 euros invested by new and current investors. We hope that more institutional investors will join our platform in the coming months. We believe that the money invested will increase multiple times till the end of this year. 


Some investors did not feel comfortable during this period of uncertainty and we observed much higher withdrawals than usual. However Debitum Network has a well organized cash management thus all withdrawals were processed within less than 1 working day. No liquidity problems has arised and we do not expect any delay with repayments to Debitum Network investors in the future. 

Loans originated

In March we uploaded a lot of new assets from our newest loan originators Noviti and Triple Dragon. Some assets from the Triple Dragon, which are backed by Canadian government, are still available on the platform. If you are still considering which investment opportunities are booming in this time, you can be sure that game developers have much work to do, since all people are locked down in quarantine. 

As we take credit risk very seriously, we paid a lot of attention during March to closely monitor liquidity situation and portfolio at risk of our Loan Originators. Our team constantly monitors the performance of all our partners and provides via Debitum only loans that are not affected by coronavirus outbreak. We carefully check each loan before uploading it to the platform.

Most popular industries

Investors had a possibility to invest in 0 different industries in the month of March due to quite new partnerships with Noviti and Triple Dragon. We are hoping to have even more different industries at the end of this year when more partners take place to become a loan originator on the Debitum Network platform. The most popular industry was services which took part of 33,5% of all investments in the previous month. 

We have noticed that our investors are getting more familiar with the ITT industry which took second place in this pie bar of investments made in March according to industries.

Money invested using auto-invest tool

The total amount invested with the auto-invest tool was 2 584 905 euros, which increased from last month by 10 %. We are happy that more and more investors create auto-invests plans and don’t worry about logging in everyday and investing manually in the assets which are uploaded. Do not miss another good opportunity and create an auto-invest plan today and enjoy compiling interest, which the tool will reinvest for you when the principal and interest are repaid. 

With an auto-invest tool you can stay lazy while your money works automatically! 

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