DoFinance – one of the fastest in a response test

There was a study carried out in June by the blog, where they analyzed the response time to an e-mail of more than 50 crowdlending and crowdfunding platforms. It just so happens that DoFinance was among the fastest to respond, in this case – 28 minutes.

We have always valued good customer service and think that it`s very important to solve your problems and answer all your questions as fast and precise as possible. You can also drop us a message in the chat section on our website during working hours!

Here you can see where DoFinance was ranked and other platforms who did well on this test –

Check out their blog post about the study here – Of course, just like it`s mentioned in their post – this is a limited test and can`t be taken into account as a complete evaluation of the quality of the customer service. But still, this test proves that DoFinance cares for its clients and we are always here to answer your questions and hear your suggestions!



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