Dreams become goals when you act upon them – how to give meaning to your finances to push through COVID hardships

How long has it been now? Does time even make sense these days?

Workdays and weekends seem to blur together, some are not really being able to fully work or rest, as the line between what you do and what you are becomes ever thinner and refuge can elude your mind.

But it is fundamental  to move on. Not doing it can result in losing control of your finances – and furthermore  probably losing control of your life. This is the time to hold a different perspective, to organize and prepare what you couldn’t before for the multiple reasons and occupations of your busy daily life.

After all, there is always that rule about money that so many of us risk forgetting: it’s never about the money, it’s about what it represents.

So if you are having a harder time getting around to sort your finances, if your confination can put you in a bit of a more fragile state of mind, think about this: nothing fights despair better than hope. And dreams? Those are a wonderful fuel for hope as they turn into goals.

So what can you be dreaming about right now to get you to tackle those financial goals?

A new home

It may seem cliché, and it may seem a bit out of touch with the situation. Doesn’t the point of going through this is that you will be able to go outside?

But as with money (and with anything, really) it’s not what something is, but what it represents.

What could that mean for you? Gaining independence, your start on a new life, your own space?

Or maybe a place to start a new family, to build memories?

Maybe you are looking for extra stability? Having assets is an investment in you and your future.

Big or small, it’s up to you how you envision it. And how many people you see in it. Just don’t forget to ensure how much will you need to get it and what it can be done now to keep on working for this purpose. Your money needs to keep working for you.

Your wedding

Or your getting-together party, or whatever you want to do. So many of us had big plans that they had to postpone that would involve getting in one place those who matter the most to you.

Postponing isn’t cancelling. Delaying is not eliminating. You can still have that moment where you all come together and celebrate a new start.

And there will be one good thing about being apart for so long – getting together will be that much better. There are multiple alternatives to save your budget and even make it grow.


A natural dream after staying bound long to a place. And maybe we can even better appreciate those small distance corners that have always been there, but that we were just never aware of.

Being stopped means that the moving itch can be getting greater and greater. How does the prospect of just picking up a backpack and driving for some days sound?

If there is anything we can take out of this is the search for adventure, and that can be found virtually anywhere, whether you’ve already decided on where to find it or not.

And of course, being able to share these moments make it all the better. Now that we can cut on some expenses (as we mention in our previous post) it is an opportunity to take some budget aside, gain some interests from it and make this happen.

Sharing moments, giving gifts, anything that involves others

You may have picked up on a theme here.

Because apart from the pandemic, we are also struggling against part of the containment measures: social isolation.

Whatever situation we may find ourselves in, it’s in the sharing with others that we are able to get the most out of our lives. Focusing on other people’s happiness can be a surprising way to fuel your own

So keep thinking about those close to you. What you can do for them, how you will welcome them back into your life. What moments you will create with them that will last a lifetime in your memories.

And for you to be able to do that, consider how you can get your finances under control, multiply your sources of income, and make adjustments with hope, not giving into panic.

Keep dreaming

A dream is a powerful thing. It can push us through the greater hardships we face. No matter what is thrown at us, investing in one’s dream can be one of the most powerful things you can do to heighten your life. And a dream is always better if it is shared.

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