Improvements of investor’s accounts

Dear Investors,

We have released a software update to our system. We have updated the presentation of DoFinance cessions from the assignment view that presented the last date of assignment agreement to direct connection to the loan issuing system of our Loan Originators.

In your investment’s account ‘My Investments’ you are now able to see more detailed information of investment’s underlying assigned Loans.
By clicking on a specific investment which you want to see in details, you are able to see the status of the assigned Loan.

  1. If assigned Loan is completed and repaid, or completed and the BuyBack applied, the status will be displayed as ‘Completed’.
  2. If assigned Loan is active, the status will be displayed as ‘Current’ or ‘Late’.

You will be able to see the actual assigned Loans due date – if extension will be applied, the due date will be extended accordingly.


Completed – Loan under specific Cession was repaid or BuyBack was applied to the Cession.
Current – the maturity date of the Loan under specific Cession is not reached.
Late – the maturity date of the Loan under specific Cession has passed and loan is not yet repaid, the loan collection process has started accordingly.
Stopped – is applied to all Current and Late loans for the Investments which have been requested for early termination.

Please keep in mind! If the borrower has applied for an extension, the Assignment with the status ‘Late’ will change to the status ‘Current’.

Best wishes,
DoFinance Team



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