Increased interest rates in DoFinance platform

Great news! In order to promote Alfa Finance group issued loans in Indonesia, our team has created a new offer for DoFinance investors – 11% auto invest program for investments in Indonesia originated loans!

The investment term for these loans is 6-60 months, terms are the same as for the 9% auto – invest program.

Why investment program for Indonesia loans is with higher interest rate? Because in Indonesia we have higher loan commissions = we can pay higher interests to investors.

We have put great efforts to ensure the performance of non-stop investments and we continue to take care of the security of our clients which is still evidenced by the 100% BuyBack guarantee for each investment you make.

Registered investors in the platform: 3648

NPL (non-performing loans) rate: 6,18 %

Total accumulated interest earned: 124 735 €

Instant Buyback Guarantee: 100 %



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