Investing isn’t for you? 11 amazing resources to crush that idea

We get it, we really do.

We can really see this going through the minds of some of you. If you think of investing, you are probably flooded by images of sharp suits, luxurious limos and buildings as tall as the eye can see.

Investing, you may think, is for the wealthy, the influential, the powerful. Certainly not for everyone.

That is where you might be wrong.

In society, we all have to deal with money eventually. And while there are some opportunities that are only accessible to those with more, let’s say, “generous” banking statements, there is a lot available knowledge out there that can benefit anyone, no matter where they stand financially.

As always, we aim to give you some tools so that you can grow and improve your situation. We have gathered a list of online resources to help you on your financial journey.

Brought to you in no order in particular, all of these outlets have, at some point, covered our services – if any of them are reading this, thank you!

1 – Money Bear Club –

Not limited to investing, Money Bear Club covers an array of topics from saving and budgeting – and a nice section on Fintech too.

The whole concept of the Club is to look beyond the obvious strategies to limit spending and increase income.

As stated in the “About” section: “The Club’s articles strive to analyse the unexpected and the unknown in the world of finance and economics.”

Their mascot Harley isn’t the reason they are featured here, but it certainly doesn’t hurt their case.

2 – Personal Finance Advice –

If you are at the beginning of your path in money-related matters, this one is a great place to start.

From a personal finance perspective, it features a great deal of actionable advice that you can easily implement, and in all walks of life.

At the moment of writing this post, it features articles on avoiding banking fees, businesses you can launch for $1,000 and ways to save on pet medical treatment – a nice variety of topics, don’t you think?

Once you browse through the ways you can increase your disposable income, maybe you’ll feel more inclined to explore that “Investing” tab.

3 – Life and My Finances –

A personal account by a young man that goes by the name Derek Sall.

His website started in 2010, at a time when, like many, he was under the pressure of a great deal of debt. And sure enough, two years later, his wife asked for a divorce.

Now debt free and remarried, he writes on 3 different categories: “Get out of Debt”, “Save Money” and “Get Rich”, so there’s really something there for everyone.

4 – Savings4Freedom –

This one is for our Portuguese-speaking readers.

The name may suggest otherwise, but savings is only the first step.

Also a personal account style, the writer’s ultimate goal is financial independence, and we get to see his strategy, portfolio and milestones along the way.

Being focused on P2P investment, you can also find a lot of platform reviews here.

5 – Everything finance –

Just as the name advertises.

Credit, investing, budgeting, savings – this platform as a bit of it all.

Having been pouring content since 2007, here you can find quite an extensive library on all topics money-related.

To avoid feeling lost, the team recommends checking their most popular posts section.

6 – About#Fintech –

A nice resource for all of you that master German.

Focused mainly on analysing the Fintech industry, it also covers matters on digital banking and related topics.

Although it can be more technical, it is still quite accessible. Assuming you speak German, that is.

7 – Jean Galea –

Dad, padel player, entrepreneur and investor.

Even though there are many sides to this blogger, the focus of this site is mainly on his own experience with online investing. You can check his reviews on a multitude of platforms, but also on other types of assets.

Consider checking out his podcast and, if you are curious, on his amateur padel career.

8 – Investiresmart –

A member of the financial independence tribe, this young man’s ambition is geared to an early retirement.

More than wealth, the final aim is the freedom to dedicate his time to the people and things he loves the most.

If you have a working knowledge of Italian, you can browse through his history from the very first moment, as well as portfolio updates.

9 – The Frugalpreneur –

A different take from the others on this list, as the main topic is focused on entrepreneurship, more specifically on building a business virtually from nothing.

We figure a lot of our readers also have the “entrepreneurial bug” inside them, so this can serve as inspiration, as well as an introduction to finances on the business side. After all, what is money for if not to help you achieve your goals?

Lucky for everyone, a lot of the content is also applicable to individuals, regardless of having or wanting a business.

10 – Madame Moneypenny –

Money with a mission.

Another great German resource, the author is fueled by the fact that women worldwide are significantly more exposed to poverty.

Moreover, having found herself tied to a deal that was more beneficial to her financial manager than herself, she took upon herself to learn all she could on financial matters.

Now she shares it with other women and helps them avoid depance.

11 – Mustachian Post –

The wonderful landscapes of Switzerland, how they soothe us.

And they also seem to inspire this Canadian’s independence dreams.

More than just a financial take on everyday life, we get to take a look at his whole philosophy of minimalism and being able to really enjoy life beyond what is almost automatically fed to us as we grow.

Some advice can be Swiss-specific, but the inspiration is universal.

It’s for everyone, really

This is what we believe in – deeply.

In a world where money dictates so much, these matters should really be on everyone’s mind.

If you still think you can’t afford to invest, ask yourself this: how can you afford not to invest?

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