March 2020 – a month of adapting to new realities

We have no doubt that the current challenging
time is causing you a lot of anxiety and various questions, possibly related to
your work, your business, your finances. In such an indefinite period, it is extremely
beneficial to have alternative sources of income. One of the most attractive
ways to earn passive income now is to invest in P2P loans, which guarantees you
a high return. We are glad that you trusted your investments to PeerBerry and
we guarantee you that in this difficult time we will do our best to protect
your investments and ensure you a high return.

Currently PeerBerry is probably the only P2P
platform in the European market which, during this economic downturn, makes
payments to its investors timely – straight after the request, without any
delay. PeerBerry, together with its partners Aventus Group, Gofingo Group and
Lithome, has made a very responsible decision to make every effort to ensure
the best interests of our investors. PeerBerry partners have temporarily
reduced lending or postponed the start of new projects purely in order to
settle with investors, as we understand very clearly that in this difficult
time, some of you may have the need to recoup your investment earlier.

“Due to current
developments in international markets, caused by Covid-19 and the consequences
of quarantine in March our partners listed about 33% less loans on PeerBerry
than in February. Accordingly, less loans were funded in March – about 37% less
than in February. Due to the increased uncertainty, we
had increase in withdrawals what is very natural reaction of investors. On the positive side, it is worth to
note that despite global investment uncertainty, 792 new investors joined
PeerBerry in March. A part of investors increased their investment portfolios
on our platform. This shows investors’ confidence in our organization” –
explains Arūnas Lekavičius, CEO of PeerBerry.

It is also
important to highlight that investing in P2P is most preferable, as other
assets begin to lose in price and their demand falls. When international markets are exposed to
various fluctuations, profits from investing in P2P loans remain very stable in
comparison with other investment means like stocks, bonds etc. Although the
present time is very turbulent, it is great opportunity to earn passive income
investing in P2P.

The changes
in March required an extremely consistent mobilization of PeerBerry business
partners as well. PeerBerry loan originators reviewed
and made necessary
to the risk management process accordingly to the situation of
the country, where particular loan originator operates. Aventus Group and
Gofingo Group took responsible decision to apply an additional
Group guarantee
to all loans issued by Aventus Group and Gofingo Group to
enhance an additional investments security for PeerBerry investors. In March,
all business operations, both a PeerBerry and a business partners, were
smoothly relocated to the remote work.

“We forecast that the volume of P2P platforms will continue to
decline in April as the global economy slows down. Timely settlement with
investors and ensuring investors’ investments security is our priority number
one” – states A. Lekavičius.

In addition to
other important works in April, PeerBerry continues to collaborate with
Financial and Capital Market Commission seeking to becoming
a regulated entity and obtaining the Investment Brokerage License.

The main PeerBerry figures for March 2020:

  • total loan volume originated
    since inception – 244 046 557 Eur;
  • loan volume originated in March
    – 12 191 537 Eur;
  • number of loans originated in
    March – 57 456 loans;
  • interest earned by investors
    since inception – 2 420 553 Eur;
  • interest paid to investors in
    March – 206 327 Eur;
  • average annual investment
    return – 13.01%;
  • average nominal interest rate
    of loans originated in March – 13.15 %;
  • number of investors at the end
    of March – 20 168.

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