Message to all investors from CEO

If you are concerned and worried, read this.

In the time of great uncertainty and frustration I find it important to share some insights of what is happening inside Alfa Finance Group. Here are some facts that should let you understand how we operate and what factors are affecting our daily routine.

  1. Alfa Finance Group is a non-banking financial institution. That means that the main business of the company is issuing consumer loans. This is the source of our income and our purpose.
  2. Alfa Finance Group is funding its operations through the following channels – Investments of shareholders, long-term investors/investment companies, and P2P investments from Investors in DoFinance platform.
  3. It is fair to admit that this is not an easy time for us and we are experiencing challenges that we did not anticipate before. The main challenge is the fear and frustration created by the uncertainty rather than the uncertainty itself.

What we are focusing on right now:

  1. Our top priority is to keep our main business running – issuing loans, managing the risks and adapting to the current market environment. I can openly say that we see a great opportunity in the business we are doing, especially during the periods of turbulence, where conventional financial markets are unable to adapt. Our risk management team is doing an exceptionally good job in mitigating the risks and even managing to improve our performance.
  2. The task that is taking most of our time recently is the fear and uncertainty that occupies the minds of the people all over the world, including some of our P2P investors.

To be honest, me as a human being I would be worried as well!

To assure you that the fear is not running our agenda here is what  we do. We are working hard to change the composition of funding in our portfolio at the moment and we are already adding few new sources of funds to facilitate an uninterrupted operation of our main business and continue to serve our purpose. This process is not fast nor easy, and it is managed by incredible people – Alfa Finance team – but they are still people! There is a limitation to what we are able to achieve during this volatile period, and please consider that there is so many of investors with questions and just few, but hard-working people in our team. I would like to apologize to anyone who is experiencing delays in our communication and the actions we are taking. Investors are still an integral and crucial part of our business. Please be assured that we are doing our best to serve you all and in the best manner possible.

More details about the business, the risks and challenges, opportunities and achievements will be shared during the webinar that will be held next week – we shall announce the date and time shortly!


Janis Kulikovskis

Group CEO



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