New DoFinance product – Factoring

As some of you might have already noticed – we have a new product available on our website since monday! It is the new invoice factoring product and looks like this:

  • So the new auto-invest program has an investment term from 4-12 months (the minimum investment term is 120 days since more than 95% of the shipments are 120 days long).
  • For extra security investments will still have 100% buyback guarantee.
  • You will be able to withdraw your funds before due date with earned interest after 120 days.

Let me introduce you to L.J.Linen (

  • This company is a Feed Premix producer and a Trading Company. Their business relies on shipping goods around the globe. You can also check them out on LinkedIn here –
  • The investment is made in purchase contract of the goods.
  • Investment is safe as funds of the purchase contract are released once the destination party receives the shipped goods.
  • The shipped product is consistently controlled and produced according to EU Regulations.
  • Every shipment is traceable and their team is experienced to monitor all possible hazard risks to a safe level.
  • The company has been successfully operating since 1994. Additionally, Janis Kulikovskis is co-owner of DoFinance and L.J.Linen, thus our risk and compliance department has full access to all the audited financial data and relevant business information to properly assess and evaluate risk.

Here you can see Janis Kulikovskis and his wife Zane Kulikovska in their lovely office which is located right next to DoFinance and Alfa Finance offices at Antonijas street 5

If you have some more questions about this product or if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions, let us know in the chat section or drop us a line at



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