New partnership with loan originator “Noviti” financing-Lithuania

We are happy to announce a new partnership! Our new partner Noviti Finance is non-bank lender that provides business loans up to 20 thousand euros in Lithuania since 2016.

What makes Noviti assets special for investors

On Feb 20, 2020 Noviti Finance signed the agreement with European Investment Fund (EIF). The EIF will guarantee a portfolio of up to €10 million in loans issued by Noviti Finance. That means that in case of borrower default the EIF will repay a loan to Noviti.

Would you like such type of security for your investments? We definitely would!

 “We are very pleased to have established this partnership. It is a great recognition and commitment to be included in the EIF-EaSI guarantee program. We will be able to provide funding with this guarantee for an even larger number of small businesses that have been potentially ineligible for funding so far, and thus help them to grow successfully”, concluded Director of Noviti Finance, Linas Armalys. 

About Noviti Finance

Noviti Finance has been successfully disbursing loans to Lithuanian business since 2016. They already funded over 1000 small medium businesses and lent over 10 million euros since they started to grow their business. Team of Noviti Finance is focusing on good customer experience, transparent pricing, flexible risk scoring and fast financing.

Noviti evaluates both company and business owners who are surety providers. In order to ensure independent opinion on scoring rating and credit history of borrowers Noviti uses scoring from Creditinfo – very reputable score provider that evaluates many factors like profitability, equity level, payable and receivable amount ratios. Noviti checks business owner assets, historical income, personal credit history and existing level of obligations. In order to get a positive decision a company and guarantor should meet Noviti requirements, if at least one is missing, – the decision is negative. 

So go and check the Noviti assets available on the platform and include them in your investment plan! 

Read more about the deal with EiF

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