The innovative startup idea backing can change the world. Being part of it is not impossible anymore.

You have the power to invest in the future you believe in.

Here at Wisefund, we are committed to bringing profit to the people and success to the businesses, and we want you to join this revolution. We want to make difference in the future of investing and business growth. For this, we’ll be presenting more and more innovation-based businesses and ideas that are independent of the short-term crisis and unpredictable restrictions. Crowd investments relying on the future of tech are more viable with the digital world expanding at an unprecedented pace.

For those who are new to Wisefund, we are a business crowdfunding platform that gives people the power to invest in small and medium-sized businesses across Europe, and most recently, in innovative tech solutions and the future they believe in by providing access to startups, tech industry players, developers, innovators, sometimes farmers and producers. We are focused on creating a diverse, sustainable, and connected future for everyone. Wisefund has facilitated over 4 million euro in investments from over 2 thousand local community members and that’s just the beginning. We want to add triple zeros to these numbers.

To kick things off, we discuss what profit to
the people is all about and three main values: passion, profit, and power.

The power to participate: passion,
profit, power

We’ve always wanted to provide investment
opportunities to people who are not VC capital founders or money conglomerates
but rather neighbors living across the street. The driving force behind our work
has always been the passion for social impact. Many, too many think that investing
is something only a select few can do. Only venture capitalists are the ones
who can profit from startup growth. This has to be changed. 

Wisefund’s mission is to create a new investment model and empower people. We believe that passion and profit are not mutually exclusive. Wisefund provides fair access to anyone who wants to use their money to empower a company or leader they believe in. It’s all about the opportunity to take part in the future and share in the wealth and success of companies whose mission you believe in. 

As Wisefund grows and succeeds, we want
everyone to have only fair opportunities. Your investment matters, how you
invest, what you buy, it all contributes directly to the future that you want
to see. We don’t know what that future will be, but we do know that if everyone
participates, invests, and spends with intention, that future is going to be
much more representative of what most of us would want.

Even 100 euro investment
can make a change

Just a few years ago, it was impossible for an average person to invest in startups. This has changed. With the emerging success of Crowdcube and Seedrs, we’ve seen amazing success stories of the raise of BrewDog, Revolut where average people that believed in business have made a difference for themselves and for the world as well. This means that investing is not anymore reserved only for the privileged few, and diversity is inevitable.

As much as we admire Crowdcube and Seedrs,
there’s always space for competition and for other places where businesses can
find their supporters. Big crowdfunding players may not have enough time or jurisdiction
coverage to review and list every perspective business and idea, and having
diversity in offers is only a benefit to the crowd and businesses.  

Equity crowdinvesting has been a huge game-changer and that is a path Wisefund shall take while still adopting a simple lend-borrow model as well. We want you to be in charge of what suits your financial needs. This is why Wisefund’s approach to combining loan-based and equity funding into one will play a pivotal role in the market.

We’ll say this: it’s a myth that you need a
million euros to launch a tech company. When you open the investing process so
everyone can participate, it becomes entirely possible that a college student
can raise the money they need to get started.

Of course, at some point for growth strategy, millions might help, but we’ll allow this space to VCs. The difference is – our crowd investors will be in the early funders roles giving the highest returns and priorities.

The notion of everyone participating and
investing a small amount of money in something that is decidedly high-risk, but
that is very, very impactful, is a huge boost for the startup ecosystem.

We’re in this together, the entire

The next stage of growth

Wisefund is a startup itself. As we scale up,
it’s time to set new goals. Running any startup is a journey filled with
challenges, but if there’s one big difference compared to where we started,
it’s that the world is waking up to the power of retail capital. Even with the uncertainty
last 18 months have brought us. 

Of course, there are always challenges. Wisefund
is set out to change the economic status quo and the concept of wealth
generation. This is a difficult task but we’re up to it. 

The main question for us is this: How do
you consistently, through different avenues, get everyone to know about this
opportunity and to share the story? 

This is where you come in. Share this blog,
tune in for new episodes, and tell everyone that we’re bringing profit to the

And stay tuned for upcoming projects! They are really, really amazing!

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