We’re updating custom automated strategies

We continue to innovate our investing strategies so that investors can get the most out of Mintos. As a step towards obtaining our investment firm license, a new update is on its way to enhance custom automated strategies on 12 Apr 2021. This article provides insights into a new update, where investors can set investment rules based on individual lending companies. More about custom automated strategies.

Key takeaways

  • With this update, investors can choose investment settings based on individual lending companies. 
  • By increasing the detail at which lending companies can be selected, the ability for investors to diversify their portfolios is also increased. 
  • Beginning 12 Apr 2021, investors can only create new strategies using the updated version. Investors will have 1 month to adjust their existing strategies created prior to 12 Apr 2021.
  • After that month, all strategies created before 12 Apr 2021 will be updated to show individual lending companies. Any new strategies created after 12 Apr 2021 will remain the same. 

More opportunity for diversification

We want investors to keep control over which loans they invest in. Companies within lending groups operate across multiple loan types, countries, and brands. At the moment, investors are only able to choose global settings based on a lending group level. With the update, investors can choose investment settings based on each individual company. Furthermore, investors can select a diversification rate for each company individually. 

How will these changes happen?  


Step 1: An opportunity to explore the update

The way investors create and edit strategies won’t be changing. However, individual lending companies will be listed rather than lending groups. Lending groups will remain easily distinguishable by their logos. To enhance the experience for our investors, the update features some design and usability improvements.

There will be 1 month where the previous and updated versions will run in tandem. This gives investors time to explore the update in detail and make changes as required. During this period, investors can create new strategies utilizing the new update but also view and change existing strategies in the previous format. From 12 Apr 2021, any new strategy created will be in the updated format showing individual lending companies. These will be labeled “New” and won’t change during the following step. 

Step 2: Custom automated strategies to be automatically updated

After 1 month, all custom automated strategies created before 12 Apr 2021 will be automatically updated to reflect the new change. All strategies whether active or stopped will be updated between 10 May 2021-14 May 2021. If an investor’s strategy was already stopped, it will stay this way after the update. 

During this update, pre-existing strategy settings will be taken into account. Therefore, lending companies will only be included if they matched the previous settings. For example, if an investor had previously selected a specific lending group, that group will now display as a list of individual companies. However, some settings will no longer apply in the new update. These settings are: Listing Date, Issue Date, Risk Category, and Remaining Principal Amount. 

It is also important to note that default diversification will be automatically updated by Mintos. This is because there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to selecting diversification rates for a company based on its group. More about default diversification. 

This update will be available from 12 Apr 2021 for all newly created custom automated strategies. Between 10 May 2021-14 May 2021, all custom automated strategies will reflect the new update. Log in to your Mintos account and go to the Invest page to explore the added feature.

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